Just a few MLB Clubs that are proudly supporting The Miracle League

Chicago White Sox
1st MLB Club to partner with the Miracle League – Has helped build ( 5) Miracle League Fields in the Chicago area and plan to continue to help other communities within their market.  The White Sox have donated over a million dollars to local leagues.

Detroit Tigers
Helped with (2) Miracle Leagues in Michigan.

Los Angeles Angels
Built a Miracle League field in Orange County for local leagues.  

Minnesota Twins
Helped with (5) Miracle Leagues in Minnesota.

Atlanta Braves
Helped with the 1st Miracle League Field. Chipper Jones and President John Schuerholz  continuously support the National Miracle League Office.
Cincinnati Reds
Helped with multiple leagues in Ohio.

Tampa Bay Rays
Helped with (1) Miracle League Field in FL.

Texas Rangers
Helped build (1) field with hopes of helping a second.

Pittsburgh Pirates
Helped build its 1st Miracle League with plans to help many communities in their market.

San Diego Padres
Helped with the Miracle League of San Diego.

Arizona Diamond Backs
Helped build the Miracle League of Arizona.

Milwaukee Brewers
Helping the Miracle League of Milwaukee.

Colorado Rockies
Helped build the Miracle League in their area.

Washington Nationals
Have secured naming rights of The Miracle League of Montgomery County, Maryland